Holiday tips to share with your ‘Humans’

Holiday tips to share with your ‘Humans’

This month I’m thinking about how to safely tail wag through the holiday season.

Holiday marketing is designed to raise your humans’ serotonin and endorphin levels to a happiness quotient that is pretty unrealistic.

In order to be ‘sufficiently happy’ your humans are obligated to purchase an enormous amount of gifts, food and decorations.  Your humans probably are tearing through stashed away boxes of decorations…If you see them nervously working on ‘the list’ it’s for who to gift, how much to spend and who is on the list.

If your humans are responsible for you & human kids – they are tired of hearing little humans ask for more and more.

And of course – If they are going away for the holiday – they are trying to figure out what they are going to do with you.

It’s a whole lot of juggling.  No wonder everyone is stressed. From the top down, stress is contagious.  It’s hard for humans and animals to be perfect and get it all right.

Here are a few hints you might share with your humans.  First: Remind them to breathe slowly.  We know you’re really good at this as we’ve seen you lounging on their couch, or laying by a sunny window breathing contentedly.



Keeping an eye on all that good food

We know you love food, YOU know you love food, but too much food can be a problem.  Remind them when they are cooking and or baking, to try and keep the food off the kitchen floor and out of reach (especially if you are almost counter height).  They need to know you are stalking those areas.  Plus, some food you love is not good for you.. and while your human is tasting’s not a great idea to share all that food you…’s a lot of calories…….As Miss Piggy knows……… it’s so easy to pack on those holiday pounds.

Let me know which gifts are mine (…to do with as I see fit!)

Gifting us and two legged little guys is confusing for us.  While we all know how smart we are – sometimes it’s hard for us to know the difference between a ‘pet toy’ and a ‘kid toy”:.  They all look good to us.  Sometimes a stuffed toy looks delicious to us… we might eat or drool a on it (even if it’s not meant for us) we might chase after someone’s new soccer ball, & possibly we may chew on the grip of a new golf club or those new golf balls.……

We hope our humans will be kind and help us to understand what’s ours and what’s theirs. And It would be really nice if you had a few gifts ready for us when everyone else is opening packages (Sea “Mobility” Joint Rescue and BREATH-Less Brushless Toothpaste make AWESOME stocking stuffers…just ruff-in!)

Oh and another thing – if you don’t want us to eat the wrapping paper……please have a large trash bag nearby – tearing paper is awesome!

Explain who’s coming to the party and who’s staying…for good!

Another thing that comes to mind is adding to our pet family.  If you’re thinking I might like a dog friend or a cat friend – please don’t make that decision until the holidays are over and we’re all relaxed.

Party Scene (Ettiquette beyond being fashionably late)  

Now to the party scene..  Have you figured out where we fit in?  I might get nuts and bark every time the door bell rings.  I may not like cousin Sally’s 3 year old. FYI:  She sits on top of me and pulls my ears…Frankly I might prefer some alone time… can you make that happen?  On the flip side I might be a real ‘party animal’.  Please don’t lock me in a room while you’re all having fun!  You might like to know that one of the reasons I love the party scene is because you leave all those delicious hors d’oeuvres on a low cocktail table…  If you don’t want me to help myself……please don’t put them in front of me ….I have no self control!

Stress Relief (we’re not so good at opening bottles of Xanax)

When Uncle Arthur is telling you that ridiculous joke you’ve heard from the last 14 holidays, or your new 3 year old cousins are won’t stop crying, you guys at least can take something to deal with the stress.  Don’t forget, we’re feeling it too!  You might want to consider Happy Traveler (Ark’s herbal calming remedy) so I can cruise blissfully through the holidays.

Just a few simple things is all I ask of you!

Happy Holidays!

Wet kisses from all of Us!

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