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Ark Naturals Featured in Pet Age Magazine!

If you’ve had the chance to pick up the September 2013 Issue of Pet Age Magazine you’ll notice Ark Naturals and Gray Muzzle featured! Pet Age recently sat down with Susan Weiss, Owner/President of Ark Naturals, about her passion for the natural products industry, why it’s become so popular and her advice for others.

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Back Story | Ark Naturals

A Pioneer of Natural Products

Reference: Pet Age Magazine September 2013 Issue

When Susan Weiss started her business,

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Three Naples, FL. companies have reason to celebrate. Ark Naturals Products For Pets, Haynes Corporation, And Media Vista Group are 3 of 50 companies statewide honored as Florida’s “Companies To Watch”. They were chosen because of their positive impacts on Florida’s future, adding jobs and fueling money into the state’s economy.

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And the August “Best in Show” winner is………

Chow Hound Pet Supplies

Grand Haven, MI!


After introducing Gray Muzzle for Senior Dogs, We challenged our retailers to create their own “Best in Show” Senior Department! We’re proud to announce that our August Winner is Chow Hound #9 in Grand Haven, MI! Check out their fabulous Senior Department below and if you’re in the Grand Haven, MI area, stop in and take a browse around their store!

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“The natural products movement has become one of the most important trends within the pet industry—particularly for small, independent retailers looking to set themselves apart from larger competitors.” – Pet Business Magazine

Ark Naturals has been a leader in the Natural Pet Products Industry for over 16 years. In the article below, Susan Weiss comments on how small, independent retailers can stay ahead of the larger competitors and be unique.


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he Fayetteville Observer posted their review on the Gray Muzzle brand!

Is 15 the new 10 in dog years? All-natural Gray Muzzle brand helping senior dogs with aging

New Vet-Recommended Soft Chews Line Created By All-Natural Pet Care Pioneer Ark Naturals

If 60 is the new 40 in human years, then why shouldn’t 15 be the new 10 in dog years.

Recognizing that dogs –

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If you are looking for the largest selection of pet wellness and natural herbal ingredient products for your pet go to Ark Naturals. Alison Sherman of Ark Naturals takes us on a tour of delicious treats, teeth and breath cleaners, vitamins and supplements, as well as nutritious training treats for all your pets needs.

Go to and see their complete line of dental products, mobility supplements, probiotics, and mega-3’s for your cats and dogs.

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All Ark products are Made in the USA. Always have been. Always will be!

By now the majority of dog owners have probably heard of the illness and death surrounding chicken jerky treats made in China.  Purportedly, nearly 1,000 dogs have fallen ill or died so far in connection with these products and yet they are still found in stores all across the country.  I write this article today to try and reach the pet owners who have not yet heard or do not know the severity of the risk associate with Chinese chicken products for pets.

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Holiday tips to share with your ‘Humans’

This month I’m thinking about how to safely tail wag through the holiday season.

Holiday marketing is designed to raise your humans’ serotonin and endorphin levels to a happiness quotient that is pretty unrealistic.

In order to be ‘sufficiently happy’ your humans are obligated to purchase an enormous amount of gifts, food and decorations.  Your humans probably are tearing through stashed away boxes of decorations…If you see them nervously working on ‘the list’ it’s for who to gift,

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