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For the past two decades our mission has always been to offer the most complete,
scientifically formulated and healthful products for companion animals.
Ark’s product range includes remedy, wellness and lifestyle products.

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Winners of our shelter/rescue photo contest will have their pet pictures
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Are all dogs the same size? How about cats? Do they all like the same food? The same toys? Does the couch potato cat that lives only indoors have the same chance of being attacked by the local tomcat as the indoor-outdoor cat? Does the dog even get feline AIDS? Do all animals get the same amount of exercise?

No? Then how can there be one single cure for every case of cancer;

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The Story of Ark Naturals

It all started with Jordan, our big beautiful Standard Poodle, was raised with what I like to refer to as ‘old thinking’. He was the dog our kids grew up with. He was barely 9 years old when he passed away.

We loved Jordan very much. As proof of our love we never missed a vaccination. We were religiously punctual with all recommended inoculations, medications, exams, and even flea dips as recommended by the groomer as ticks and fleas were always an issue.

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Ark Naturals works in closely in conjunction with Dr. Nancy Scanlan, the Executive Director of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation (AHVMF) and Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst Ph.D. of the Environmental Microbial & Food Safety Laboratory at the USDA.

From time to time we will be posting pet related tips and stories from them both that we feel would benefit our pet owning consum

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