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All Natural & Made in the USA

Gray Muzzle products are made from all natural ingredients in the USA and always will be!

"Senior Friendly" Bite Sized Soft Chews

Senior teeth require specially formulated chews to prevent tooth pain and provide maximum health benefits.

NO Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives

Gray Muzzle uses the purist ingredients with no additives for coloring or flavoring.

Wheat, Corn, Yeast, and Soy FREE

Gray Muzzle products are packed with natural ingredients and aren't "filled" with grains or soy.

An Ark Naturals Company dedicated to keeping your older dogs healthy so they can enjoy many of the activities they enjoyed when they were younger.

For 16 years you’ve trusted us to take care of your 4 legged family members, now we want to help your older dogs as well.

 As a result of advances in pet care many dogs are living well past the average life expectancy for their breed.
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Our products

High quality ingredients with added benefits to help dogs live long, happy and healthy lives.

Our Focus

Use all natural ingredients that help your aging pet live a longer, healthier life.
  • Dental Health

    Provide fresh breath while controlling plaque and tartar.
  • Joint Health

    Increase mobility and flexibility while reducing joint discomfort.
  • Mental Sharpness

    Reduce disorientation and improve recognition and memory.
  • Heart Health

    Support normal heart function, blood pressure and circulation.
  • Coat Condition

    Leave a clean coat without the use of water or chemicals.
  • Happiness

    Provide your pet with an overall positive well being.

Our Reputation

Recent Customer Testimonials

Bailey Naples, FL

"I love Denta-Stix. I would do anything to get one... Now my mom found Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste and I am in love all over again!"

Missy Virginia Beach, VA

"A friend gave me a sample of Sea Mobility Joint Rescue and she LOVES it! I feel really good knowing I'm giving her a "treat" that helps her feel good."

Hailey Denver, CO

"We love your Ears all Right cleaning lotion. Our yellow lab, Hailey, is prone to ear infections and your product has helpted us keep it under control."

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  • Fish oil (omega-3)
  • Acetyl-L-carnitine
  • Resveratrol
  • L theanine
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride

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